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Powerful Stories with Tory Archbold

In this episode of the Powerful Stories Podcast, we hear the incredible, and at times confronting, story of Kelly Alders life.

Kelly and Tory have something in common as they both wore two masks for a long time. The common thread being we were afraid both of what people would think when they removed that mask until a breakthrough moment came. For you Kelly, it came while she was happily married to the love of her life, who had little idea of her past until 6 years after her daughter was born.

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Francine Beaton – Guest Author

Today I have the privilege and an honour to welcome an amazing woman to my blog. Kelly Alder lived a life most people could never imagine. I’m not going to waste time telling you about Kelly, as she answered some of my questions. To be honest, I have many more I now wished I asked.

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The Cape Talk

Kelly Alder, who lives in Switzerland, has written a memoir called the 14th Wife, A search for Belonging. She joins Amy on the line to chat about it.

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The Daily Mail

How I became a cult leader’s 14th wife: She grew up in the Surrey stockbroker belt then worked in advertising. But as Kelly reveals in a jaw-dropping new book, a chance meeting with a Native American guru changed her life

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