It was the end of the first day of the new school year, parents swarmed around the classroom doors, eagerly waiting to collect their children and hear stories about new teachers and classmates. Arriving five minutes late, I turned up at my daughter’s classroom to discover she had gone AWOL.  While busily searching the school…


Everybody experiences trauma in their life.  I have had my fair share, but my most recent experience has taught me a great deal about how trauma effects the mind and body, and how and what is needed to overcome such an ordeal. 

The Picking-Up-Poo Club

Recently I have noticed a strange phenomenon amongst my forty-something friends. It seems that an extraordinarily large percentage of us have recently bought, or are planning on buying a dog. It got me thinking, what is causing this rush of canine hysteria?


This article was written and published for the first edition of ‘WildObout African Artisans,’ a magazine produced by Wild Olive African Artisans in celebration of their 20th anniversary. In the article I talk about meeting the extraordinary perfumer, Marioara de la Tara, as well as what inspires me about living in Cape Town.