About Me

I write about Femininity, Vulnerability and Belonging

Having escaped from a cult some twenty years ago, I now find myself in the fortunate position of living between two of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town in South Africa, and Zurich in Switzerland.

On my blog I write about life experiences, focusing on femininity, vulnerability, and belonging. I have also just completed my memoir, The Fourteenth Wife – A Search For Belonging, which is now available via Amazon.com.

I love to travel and enjoy exploring far-flung destinations around the globe with my family, but I also relish being at home, walking my two dogs, Willow and Poppy and cooking for friends.



The Fourteenth Wife

“A revealing tell-all from inside a polygamous cult”

“A unique insight into the daily life within a group of people operating outside of society.”
After the death of both my parents in my early 20’s, I joined a Neo Native American tribe, marrying its leader and becoming one of his many wives (yes, it was a kind of cult). Red Bear was the spirit name given to me during a ceremony held by the tribe’s founder, John Twobirds.

I began writing my memoir five years ago when a little voice started persistently nagging, “Write this crazy stuff down!” Eventually, I gave in, grabbing moments where I could in between the cooking, laundry and school run. I have now completed my memoir and am looking to get my story published.



My Perfume

I am a muse to perfumer Marioara de la Tara of Wild Olive Artisans and have just launched my own 100% synthetic-free perfume called Terra Flora, inspired by my life story.